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31st Annual Fire Prevention & Safety Symposium

Registration is Now Open!

September 14th-16th, 2021

Stowe, Vermont

NASFM is excited to announce we will be hosting the 31st Annual Fire Prevention & Safety Symposium (Formerly the NASFM Annual Conference) September 14th through 16th at the Stoweflake Resort & Conference Center in Stowe, Vermont. “We made the decision to move the Symposium from our usual July dates” said NASFM Executive Director Jim Narva, “so we can ensure the best opportunity for a safe and productive educational environment.” The Symposium will present essential educational opportunities for the Marshals as they adapt their response and recovery operations in the ever changing Covid-19 environment.

Registration is now open! Check out the 31st Annual NASFM Fire Prevention & Safety Symposium page for more information. Meanwhile, please contact us if you have questions.

NASFM Launches Awareness Campaign to Help Protect FDC's and Fire Sprinkler Systems


Fire Sprinkler Systems are among the most critical life safety components of commercial and multi-occupancy residential buildings and parking structures. An often overlooked and important component is the fire department connection (FDC), including the cap. Protecting a commercial fire sprinkler system with locking FDC caps is more critical now than it has ever been before. To educate fire departments on the importance of FDC locking caps, NASFM is launching an educational campaign, Ready.Set.Flow. that educates fire departments on the topic and provides resources for fire departments to promote locking caps to their local businesses. Campaign information is available at

Without locking FDC caps, buildings and parking structures leave their fire department connection vulnerable to fitting thefts, intentional and unintentional clogging debris, vandalism, and potential acts of terrorism. Preparing for emergencies of all types through preventive measures reduces the impacts from incidents that can severely impact day-to-day operations, both temporarily and long term. Educating businesses and fire sprinkler contractors on the importance of locking FDC caps to protect fire sprinkler systems and keep them operable during a fire has never had more urgency.

With more civil unrest activities and higher traffic in downtown areas, the increased risks to buildings and their fire sprinkler systems caused concern with the U.S. Fire Administration and Department of Homeland Security which issued notices to the country’s fire departments last year.

NASFM Executive Director Jim Narva stresses that “Locking caps are an essential and cost-effective addition to every business’s proactive preparedness efforts. We encourage our members to share this information with fire departments in their states and ensure that we protect one of the most vulnerable parts of a building.”

“Protecting the FDC is a win-win for all involved,” Narva adds. “FDCs which are not in proper working order place an increased risk to firefighters. Locking FDC caps also save the building owner money in the long term by reducing maintenance and repair costs while protecting tenants and businesses.”

Businesses need to enact vigilance and awareness about inspecting FDCs regularly and protecting their operability must be a priority.  Sharing this information with businesses and facility management organizations is essential.  

About NASFM, “50 States – One Strong Voice for Fire Prevention” 
The principal membership of NASFM comprises the senior fire officials in the United States and their top deputies. The primary mission of the National Association of State Fire Marshals (NASFM) is to protect human life, property and the environment from fire and related hazards. A secondary mission of NASFM is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of State Fire Marshals’ operations. In addition to its principal membership, NASFM has several categories of membership to allow companies, associations, academic and research institutions, and individuals who support NASFM’s mission to contribute in meaningful ways. 

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The 2021 NASFM Annual Symposium 

will be held at the Stoweflake Mountain Resort & Spa in Stowe, Vermont September 14th - 16th.

Welcome To Our New Principal Members

  • Craig Landolt - Georgia State Fire Marshal
  • Mitchell Kannry - Washington DC Fire Marshal
  • Keith Bryant - Oklahoma State Fire Marshal

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September 14th - 16th, 2021 NASFM Annual Symposium; Stowe, Vermont

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